Globally Networked Learning (GNL): using technology to internationalize our classrooms and develop intercultural competencies

Project Description

This program will promote and support faculty members wishing to use Globally Networked Learning in their classrooms. By establishing a GNL hub staffed by an instructional designer who works directly with faculty, the program will help them integrate GNL into their courses. The project also aims to work with relevant units to adapt York’s institutional standards to better support internationalized classrooms, identifying the following two challenges in year one: working with Learning Technology Services to identify online tools and software suited to collaborative online learning for which the University could provide technical support; and working with the Associate Dean External and York International to develop a system of identifying suitable partner institutions for faculty who aren’t already internationally connected, exercising pedagogical elements of existing MOUs. Finally, through a program of research and evaluation, the project aims to contribute best practices and lessons learned to relevant literatures and audiences at York and beyond.

Project Leads

Dominique Scheffel-Dunand, Wenona Giles


Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Funding Priority

Experiential Education