The Glendon Digital Media Lab (GDML)


Project Leads

Philippe Theophanidis, Mark Jurdjevic &  Audrey Pyée


Glendon College

Funding Priority


Project Description

The Glendon Digital Media Lab (GDML) is a scalable umbrella project designed to optimize the integration of course-focused Experiential Education (EE) strategies at Glendon. GDML provides a range of media hardware and software, as well as limited services to course-specific initiatives. It offers students hands-on experience in digital production. Budget and resource optimization is achieved by opening GDML to all interested programs with relevant EE initiatives.  Digital technologies and media literacy have become a crucial component of all career scenarios. By providing faculty members and students with opportunities for on-campus digital learning experiences, GDML will enhance Glendon's position as a leader in experiential education.