Fostering First-Year Student Engagement, Academic Success through the HealthAid Network: Course-Based Peer Mentorship Program


The HealthAid Network is a course-based peer mentorship program that aims to encourage student engagement, support academic success within the first year and develop student leadership capacity through peer mentorship. Students are placed into student success teams that consist of upper year students (team leaders) and first year students (team members). These student success teams meet twice a month to participate in activities related to academic success, student engagement and the development of leadership capacity. Student success teams support first year student success by presenting academically relevant, just-in-time information to their classmates in the form of classroom announcements. These announcements are made in core 1000 Faculty of Health courses such as KINE 1000, PSYC 1010, NURS 1900 and 2522, HLST 1010 and 1011.

Project Lead(s)

Martha Rogers, Faculty of Health