Geoinformation Based Disaster & Emergency Management Training Facility – Prototype Set Up


In order to integrate theoretical concepts with practice, we plan to bring together geoinformation expertise from the Geomatics Engineering, the disaster risk management from the Disaster and Emergency Management Program, and the practitioners’ expertise from the Emergency Preparedness Program (EPP) to benefit our students.

We intend to develop a geoinformation based disaster and emergency management training facility to offer hands on experience to our students. We propose to create a prototype training facility which over time will evolve to provide a first class digital environment that will allow our students to be trained in simulation of emergencies, decision making, and the on-scene response and evacuation. The project will allow us to set-up the prototype facility and develop operating procedures to be used by students, faculty and staff. The simulations will be supported by the visualization of geospatial information in 3D, and by technologies such as, Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Wireless Communications.

Project Lead(s)

Niru Nirupama, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
Costas Armenakis, Faculty of Science